Sunday, April 29, 2018

First Weekend At the Lake!

We were finally able to spend our first full weekend at the lake house! After our tenants moved out at the end of February, I made a day trip down to meet with a house painter and a flooring installer to get quotes for new carpet for the three bedrooms and painting the entire interior of the house. It was so exciting to have that all finished and have a new feel to it. We ended up going with the same wall colors already on the main walls, which is Sherman Williams Sterling (#1591) in eggshell. I actually picked out a few different samples to try, but ended up really liking the original color much better. For the bedrooms and two bathrooms, I decided on a grey color (??) which was one of the samples I brought. It really looks great and is a good compliment to the main wall colors. For carpet in the three bedrooms, we decided to go with a neutral color that includes tan, grey, and some black. It was one of the least expensive options, which we figured would be good for the lake and yet it would fit well with the wall color (and blend in any spills that may happen).

Finally for the weekend we chose to go down, it ended up being the best weather of the year! It was sunny and in the mid-80s the entire weekend and the girls actually had that Friday off from school, so we left after lunch. I had my last USTA tennis match that morning against Mira Vista Country Club, which is out in West Fort Worth. After the match, I showered, and the four of us grabbed lunch before returning to the house for our clothes and Buddy. Buddy was very uncertain about what exactly was happening, especially since he saw all of our bags being packed up! He was just excited to be going with us.

Once we arrived, around 4pm, we had to work at setting up the beds. We actually had to take the wood bunk beds apart and move them from our room upstairs to a bedroom downstairs. It was a lot of work, but came together well. We then put together our two twin beds to make a king bed upstairs, where we decided to have our bedroom. The other two twin beds went into the other guest room and we decided to wait until the next day to set them up. We were all starving, so we headed to dinner. Our first real at the lake! We used yelp to decide on Hector's which is only about a 10 minute drive from our house. It was really busy but we were able to get in to a table after only about 15 minutes. The food was good! It was all delicious and really hit the spot!

After dinner, we stopped by Walmart to stock up on food and supplies. We ended up picking out a sheet/comforter set for our bed upstairs, as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste, which I completely forgot to pack. We also bought a much-needed vacuum cleaner since the new carpet is very messy and needs at least a good vacuuming! We also had to buy dog food for Buddy, since I forgot to pack that too. After our shopping spree, we returned to the house and got the girls tucked into bed. They were SO excited and couldn't get settled for sleep. The next morning, they told us they were up until just after midnight! Sofia is used to staying up late, but I can't imagine how Olivia did it, especially on a Friday night. She is our girl who is excited to go to bed at 8pm! Needless to say, they didn't stay up that late on Saturday night!

On Saturday, I woke up first and walked Buddy down Lake Drive, which makes a perfect loop. He stayed on his leash since I know there are a lot of dogs and he loves to explore yards. After everyone was awake we made biscuits and scrambled eggs and bacon. We ended up eating outside, looking at the lake while sitting on our steps. We bought a table and chairs for our deck, but haven't put them together yet. The biscuits were from a mix, and not the homemade ones CK usually makes, but they turned out fine. Not as good as usual, of course! After breakfast, Olivia and I put the table together, which actually came together very easily and only took us about 30 minutes. Sofia wrote and drew in her journal and Buddy just hung out on the deck like he'd been to the lake house every weekend of his life! Then, the girls changed into their swimsuits and were in the lake in no time. CK headed to the hardware store to buy more supplies, including a shovel and wheelbarrow for our fire pit project. We didn't get around to digging it, but will on a future visit.

After CK returned, he and Sofia towed the non-working jet ski to the boat ramp so we could load it onto our neighbor's jet ski ramp and CK could take it in for repair. I took both girls back on the jet ski and put it back in it's cradle. After CK returned from dropping off the jet ski, we headed out for our first boat trip! I was a little nervous, since we are both totally clueless about how to operate a boat, but it went great! CK filled up the "Hot Dog" and we tested it out in the middle of the lake. Sofia loved it and I ended up riding with her when Olivia declined. Buddy actually enjoyed sitting on the boat and was very relaxed, until I was out on the Hot Dog and then he whined and cried for me. CK put on his life vest (another Walmart purchase) since we were a little afraid he might jump in! Olivia was reluctant to get on the Hot Dog, but it was also 5pm and she was hungry and tired.

We headed in and made spaghetti for dinner and got to eat our first dinner at the lake house on our new table outside! It was perfect! Our internet provider also installed our internet (but no cable) earlier on Saturday, so we were able to use our phones. The girls went to bed without a fuss at 9pm.

On Sunday, we all slept in a bit and then had donuts that CK and Olivia picked up from Snowflake Donuts. The donuts were good and really hit the spot. We then took the boat out again and had fun on the Hot Dog. Sofia and I ended up falling and it knocked the wind out of Sofia and really shook her up. She kept saying how thankful she was for having a life jacket on! Unfortunately, she never really regained her confidence and wanted CK to go slow and not to make any turns. I know she needs to fall off one more time so she understands that won't happen each time. Olivia got on the Hot dog briefly but didn't want to go over 6 mimes an hour. Then she wanted off. She'll warm up to it. We were super hungry and headed to Chili's for a burger. It was delicious and really hit the spot.

We returned to the house and organized before we closed up everything to head home. It was such a fun weekend and we are all really looking forward to spending a lot of summer at the lake this year!

The view from our back deck. So beautiful and relaxing!

Buddy surveying his domain!

Enjoying the view with a cup of coffee - the best!


The girls drawing, making up stories and talking! Love it!

Buddy and the house

Tada! The finished table!!

Sofia writing in her journal

Olivia reading

Grilled cheese lunch on our table


The girls are ready to swim!

At the end of our dock


Pulling the jet ski to the boat ramp

Ready for our first boat ride!! Exciting!

Waiting to get started. CK is on the phone with the former owner asking questions before we set off

Our life vests and swimsuits after a super fun day

Our first dinner at the lake - spaghetti! It was delicious!

Our living room and Buddy has found his spot in it!

Buddy and Olivia on the boat. He was perfectly comfortable

Papa driving the boat

Sofia gets her life vest on

The Hot Dog!

Sofia and Olivia on the Hot Dog. Olivia only rode it for a few minutes. She much prefers the boat.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Hunting Easter Eggs!

After brunch, we headed home to do an Easter egg hunt with Antonio and Luca in Marco and Stacy's backyard. Stacy did all the work and bought over 150 eggs and stuffed them with coins, candy, stickers and little toys and then hid them all over the backyard! The girls were SO excited! The girls emptied their Easter baskets of their goodies and we headed over to Marco and Stacy's house! got our Easter baskets, emptied out all of the goodies out of them and then headed over to Marco and Stacy's house. We got the four kids together for a few cute group pictures and then we let them go hunt! The girls agreed to let the easy ones stay in place for Luca and they looked for the harder to find eggs throughout their backyard. It turned out to be a pretty pleasant day out and the girls wanted to stay in their dresses. The girls' dresses are really cute, although Sofia's dress is a bit too tight for her and I'm pretty sure she won't be wearing it again. But, she has been a trouper all day and looks great in it.

The kids found all the eggs and were so excited to start opening them up to see what they could find. The girls were most excited to get the little toys and jelly beans and didn't care about other candy or the coins! They enjoyed taking their time and comparing (and trading) their candies and toys. After they had opened up all of the eggs, they went inside to play. Meanwhile, Marco and Stacy put out a huge spread of food and goodies for us! We were still absolutely stuffed from our Easter Brunch, but we nibbled on the cheese and fruit and then enjoyed the delicious lemon bars that Stacy made! They were so yummy! Plus, Marco made espressos which are always my favorite! The kids had a great time playing together and really enjoyed the afternoon together. We ended up hanging out at their house until about 7pm! It was so much fun and so great to hang out with them for Easter afternoon. It was a great end to a fabulous Easter!

The Easter egg hunters are ready!

Olivia looking for eggs

Sofia on the search

Opening up their eggs

Olivia with some candy. Yum!

Luca checks out his goodies.

All four of the kids and their basket of goodies!

The girls!

Happy Easter!

Easter arrived and there were two beautiful baskets full of goodies for the girls. I looked them over briefly before I took Buddy out for a walk and they included chocolates, candy, gum, Peeps, lip balm, altoids, a stuffed animal and a handheld bubble machine. I returned from walking Buddy and found Sofia going through her Easter basket. She really loves Peeps, so she was super excited to get her very own container. Olivia was still asleep. CK came out and started making breakfast - scrambled eggs, biscuits and bacon. We decided to eat a big breakfast - which happens to be the very favorite breakfast for both girls - so we could last until our brunch reservation that was at 1:30pm. The girls actually love CK's biscuits, which they eat with honey and strawberry jam.

After breakfast, we all got dressed and ready for Meeting. After Meeting, we took the bluebonnet photos and then headed to the Park City Club for brunch. We've really enjoyed all of the other times we've eaten at the Park City Club, including Mother's Day and Father's Day. The food is excellent and it's a great ambiance. Plus, I was really looking forward to NOT doing dishes after our Easter meal! We've usually hosted Easter at our house and it's always been so much fun, but also a lot of work, not just before eating but also all the clean-up after. So, we looked forward to a year break.

We were sat at our table and Olivia started coloring an Easter coloring page before we went up for our first plate of food. The steamed shrimp is outstanding and always a favorite of ours. Actually, everything they make and serve at their buffet, is so delicious! After the main meal, we enjoyed picking off the dessert table, which included a variety of different desserts in small servings so we could try different things. I actually really enjoyed having the girls try a variety of different foods so they can branch out beyond what they normally eat. The buffet actually has a "kid's section" that includes mac n cheese, chicken nuggets and fries, but we've never actually showed the girls the "kid's section" so they have to eat off the regular buffet. They are pretty good at trying different things.

After we were full of such delicious food, we returned home for an Easter egg hunt at Marco and Stacy's house.

Sofia's Easter basket

Olivia's Easter basket

Sofia checking out her Easter basket

Ready for breakfast!

Brunch at the Park City Club!

Olivia drawing some Easter coloring pages

The four of us! Happy Easter!