Friday, September 21, 2018

Olivia and her Front Teeth!

Yesterday when I picked Olivia up from school she showed up with a big smile and an even bigger gap in her mouth! Her other top tooth was gone! She had it in a little "tooth chest" that her teacher gave her. She said she wanted to wiggle her tooth while packing up her backpack before heading off to P.E. and realized that she wiggled it the wrong way and it was gone! She saw it on the ground and picked it up! Thankfully, her teacher Mrs. Edelmon had a "tooth treasure chest" that she could put her tooth in for safe keeping. Olivia said her tooth was "bleeding like crazy" so she had to use a kleenex to stop the bleeding, which she said happened pretty quickly. It was pretty shocking to see her at pick up with her huge gap in her mouth!

She was so proud of losing her other tooth! She couldn't stop smiling! So cute! Now that both of her top front teeth are missing, she actually had a hard time pronouncing certain words! She tried to say "Aunt Shirley" and literally couldn't say "Shirley"! She has a little bit of a lisp without her teeth too! She lost her first top front tooth in early July, and I'm surprised that the permanent tooth has already come in, but it looks like it might be soon, so her huge gap may not be there for long! I'll have to take as many pictures as I can while she has her adorable little missing teeth.

This morning, she woke up to the tooth fairy's goodies! Alicia, Olivia's tooth fairy, brought Olivia a hand-written note, a new unicorn stuffed animal, and $5 with fairy dust on it! Alicia's note read "Olivia, Wow! You lost your other front tooth! How exciting! I hope you enjoy your smile until your teeth come in! Have a great day! XOXO Alicia" We woke Olivia up by telling her that the tooth fairy had come, but she was so tired she barely stirred. She finally woke and and explored her goodies from Alicia. She could barely read Alicia's note, she was so tired! But she did and loved her unicorn, card and money. She finally got ready for school and headed off to school with her new cute smile!

A few days before her tooth came out! The last photo of her tooth!

The new smile! Wow!!

The tooth!

The smile and the tooth!

The "new" smile!!

The tooth fairy came! A note from Alicia, Olivia's tooth fairy, a new unicorn stuffed animal, and $5 with fairy dust on it!

Opening her letter from her tooth fairy, Alicia. She was so tired!

Alicia's note!

Monday, August 20, 2018

First Day of School!

The first day of school for the girls is finally here. I must say I think we've all been in denial that summer is ending, since it's been such a relaxing and lazy summer. Getting back to early mornings, having to be somewhere on time and have the day go by so quickly, just seems overwhelming. The girls went to bed and were not super excited to wake up early. Sofia has been sleeping about 14-16 hours a day in the past week! In fact, I started to get concerned but then wondered if maybe it's just nerves and uncertainty about middle school and starting 6th grade. On Sunday night, after napping a few hours that afternoon, Sofia actually fell asleep in the living room around 8pm! I tucked Olivia into bed and she was sleepy too, so thankfully neither one of them wanted to stay up half the night. When I left Olivia's room, CK told me he sent Sofia up to her bed. When I tucked her in and told her to sleep well, she was so sleepy and tired that she barely responded!

The next morning, it was hard to convince either girl it was time to wake up at 6:30am! Sofia came down the stairs confident an ready for her new adventure in 6th grade! It was amazing! She was so nervous and somehow she had a complete change of heart over night! Olivia came out of her room still pretty sleepy! I think she isn't overly excited to start getting up early, but I also think she's excited to get back to her friends and learning. We'll see how it all shakes out in the coming weeks.

The girls both had a good breakfast. Olivia had orange juice and toast and Sofia had eggs, toast and chocolate milk. Olivia has never been a huge breakfast eater, but I try to get something in her tummy. She does love her orange juice every morning! Sofia, on the other hand, is much like me and really loves her breakfast in the morning. She prefers chocolate milk in the morning.

After breakfast, the girls grabbed their "back to school" boards and we went out front for a few photos before it was time to get on our way to school. Sofia still wants to be an astronaut when she grows up and her favorite things are to read, play soccer, to swim, scooter, and to play MineCraft. Of course, she still loves dragons and she loves going to the lake! Olivia wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, although she agonized over that for weeks! She really has no idea what she wants to do when she grows up and I assume she will want to be a teacher after a few weeks into the school year. Olivia also loves, scootering, swimming, playing, and pretending she's either a dragon or a unicorn. She loves going to the lake.

We all went together to drive Olivia to CES and ended up parking in the church parking lot and walked to the long line of parents and kids waiting for the doors to open at 7:35am for the 7:40am start of school. It seems like the school could actually open 15 minutes early on the first day of school. Also, it started raining lightly so everyone had to stand in the rain and wait. There was a rainbow, which was really cool and hopefully it is a sign of a great year ahead. We got inside school and situated Olivia in Mrs. Edelmon's 2nd grade class. We were actually there a minute late, so we didn't linger. I took a quick photo of Olivia with her new teacher and gave Olivia a hug and left. I can't believe we have a 2nd grader!

After saying goodbye to Olivia, we drove over to CTMS to drop Sofia off. Of course, there were a million cars and it was pretty crazy. As we finally made it onto campus, I asked Sofia if she wanted us to park at the SAC so she could walk in or drop her off at C Hall. She asked for C Hall and jumped out of the car once we arrived! I couldn't believe it! She was totally ready to start 6th grade! We are so happy she's excited and not nervous about starting 6th grade, even though it feels like a totally different world than elementary!

That afternoon, when I picked the girls up from school, they both had had good days and were both looking forward to the coming year. They were also very tired and Olivia actually snuck away after practicing her piano to take a nap! It might be a tired week or two, but we'll soon be back in the swing of things! So excited for this school year.

Two girls are ready for their first day of school!

Sofia's 6th grade board!

Olivia's 2nd grade board!

Olivia and her board!

Happy girl!

The girls and me!

The three of us.

The girls together.

Sofia and her board.

Sofia is ready for 6th grade!

Olivia and her friends! So happy to be back together!

Olivia and her teacher, Mrs. Edelmon!

And she's off....Sofia walking into middle school for her first day of school!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Happy Birthday Party, Olivia!

Today we hosted Olivia's 7th birthday party at our house! Although her birthday isn't for another 8 days, we figured it would be fun to have an end of summer/7th birthday party. Plus, we wouldn't be able to host her birthday party for several weeks, and thought it might be fun to host it a little early. A few weeks ago, I asked Olivia who she'd like to invite and she listed out her soccer team girls and several of her school friends. The school friend group included Hannah, Riley, Antonio, Cora, Hana B, Rylee, Salvek, Scott, and Poppy. Her soccer friends who came were Margo, Brinley, and Emma, and Addison, who Olivia played soccer with a few years ago. Originally, Olivia wanted a 'dragon-themed' party but after talking to her about other options she remembered that last year she decided that she would have a 'giraffe-themed' party for her 7th birthday party. So, I looked into giraffe-themed birthday party stuff and found that aside from baby showers and 1st birthdays, there isn't a lot of giraffe-themed items. I did find enough stuff that would work and set off in party planning mode.

The party was set for 4-6pm on Sunday afternoon, so we decided to have Chik Fil A nuggets and strips, ham and cheese sliders, pretzels, bell peppers, cucumbers and carrots. Olivia wanted a cake similar to last year, choocolate/chocolate on the bottom layer and vanilla/vanilla on the top. She also specifically requested I make it from scratch. I'd found really cute birthday hats that I could add to the heads of the plastic giraffes, lions, hippo, etc. We decided to add a few to the top of the cake for decoration. I made the cake earlier in the week, froze each layer and then defrosted and frosted them on Saturday night.

On Sunday we went to Meeting, went to brunch at Black Walnut and then headed home. Olivia was actually invited to go get a mani/pedi with her friend Poppy, which was pretty cool. In the last few minutes, Olivia actually got really nervous and shy and didn't want to go with Poppy. It felt really bad and had to really convince her to go. I think she was just really tired and wanted to relax, but knew she would really enjoy it once she went. While she was gone, Sofia took a nap and I got the house ready and decorated. CK picked up the giraffe thumb print cookies, balloons and ice. Once he got home, we put the waters and juice boxes on ice in the metal containers.

Olivia returned home and Poppy stayed and played until all of their class friends showed up to swim and play. Her friends showed up right at 4pm and even Stacy, who is always right on time, wondered if she was late to the party since there were already so many kids ten minutes into the start time! It was hot but perfect for swimming, so the kids all had a great time using the slide and swimming. I'd hired Hailey, our 16-year old neighbor and babysitter to come to the party and act as a lifeguard. I knew everyone could swim well, but I also wanted a set of eyes totally focused on the group of swimming kids. A few of the girls decided to find snails and build a snail holding area. So they spent their time collecting rocks and building a cage and then collected snails to put into the cage. It was adorable and they took it so seriously!

At 5:30pm, I called all the kids in for lunch and after they had eaten, we sang Happy Birthday to Olivia and passed out cake and ice cream. It was delicious and there really is nothing as good as a homemade cake! So glad Olivia agrees with me and always wants a homemade cake for her birthday. After cake was over, some kids went back to the pool for a bit while others said their goodbyes and headed home. I made sure each of them took an animal cracker box for a party favor and had Olivia thank them for coming. At some point, Olivia headed outside and ended up opening many of her birthday presents, which were all stacked on the outside table. I couldn't believe that she ripped them open without even keeping track of who gave her each gift! I was able to piece together most of them after her friends went home, but I know several of her thank you notes will say "thank you for your gift" since I don't really know for sure some of the gifts are from the right friends. It was such a fun party!

After all of her friends had gone home, Olivia asked where our gift was for her! She actually told me she'd seen it in our closet a few weeks ago! Little scamp! I brought it out in a bag and she opened it! It was a hatchimal! She had asked for one months ago and was so excited when she actually opened it. Can't believe we'll have a 7 year old soon! Wow!

The forks and spoons and our party animals

Olivia's birthday cake!

The cake top detail.

Party animals!

The party favors

Olivia and the party favors

Olivia ready to welcome her friends!

Some of the food.

Family picture with our birthday girl!


Girls making the snail container and collecting snails

Swimming fun photos!

Singing Happy Birthday and cutting the cake

Enjoying her birthday cake with her friends!

Two of Olivia's closest friends: Cora and Riley A.

Opening presents!

Olivia and her hatchimals