Thursday, December 20, 2018

Off to Kerrville!

We were excited to get started on our trip to Kerrville, where we rented a great VRBO house and planned to celebrate CK's 50th birthday as well as Christmas! A few days ago, we found out that Sofia actually had mid-term exams on Thursday and Friday! We had no idea! So, we finally agreed that CK and Olivia would go with his parents to Kerrville and Sofia and I would drive separately to meet them. Our plans changed again this morning when Sofia arrived with a fever, sore throat and headache! Her fever wasn't high and she said her throat was just "scratchy" so she knew it wasn't strep. We decided to give her Advil and send her to school so she could compete her two most important exams: math and science, which are her first two periods. Then, we told her to call us and we'd pick her up to come home. At the same time, Olivia had a slight fever and stuffy nose. Poor girls!

We picked up Sofia after her exams and were heading toward Kerrville by around 11am. We were in CK's truck and just about everything in our house was in back! The dog was stuffed between the girls and wasn't sure what was going on. CK Sr. and Connie were following us in their car. We drove the backroads to Hico and parked at the Koffee Kup. CK has been there a number for times for work lunches and kept telling us how fabulous the pies are. I walked Buddy for a few minutes while the rest of our crew headed into the restaurant. Hico is just a tiny little Texas town and yet had such cute little gift shops. I would love to visit them, but I'm pretty sure Buddy wouldn't be invited. After we'd seen the town, I loaded Buddy back in the truck and headed into the restaurant. We all had burgers and onion rings, which were delicious! The onion rings were so delicious and thick! We ended our meal with a slice of key lime pie and lemon meringue! Both were delicious and the height of the lemon meringue was amazing!

With very fully bellies, we loaded back into our cars and headed toward Kerrville. We continued driving through Hamilton, Lampasas, Burnett, Llano, Fredericksburg, and then made it to Kerrville! As we drove the girls read books and Olivia took a nice long nap. Buddy was a little tense at times, but slept a little as we drove. When we arrived in Fredericksburg, we stopped at HEB to pick up some things for breakfast. I'd made chili and had all the makings of corn bread in an ice chest so we'd have dinner ready for all to enjoy. CK went into HEB and picked up eggs, bacon, milk, orange juice and other things for us to enjoy.

We arrived at the house around 5:30pm, just a few minutes after Cindy and her gang arrived at the house. Perfect timing! We said our hellos and unloaded the truck, which seemed to be never ending! As I unloaded our bags and clothes, I realized that I completely forgot my hanging bag that included basically all of my clothes! Thankfully I was wearing a pretty cute skirt and sweater, so I could wear them again on Sunday morning. I also had a pair of jeans and a sweater, as well as a few workout tops and leggings (to walk Buddy). I figured that I could swing by Belk's and pick up a few new tops and be fine.

The house was really gorgeous and comfortable! It really felt like we were just staying in someone's house, rather than a rental. We found our bedroom and unpacked and got the girls settled into the room they would be sharing with their cousins for the next few nights. We heated the chili and CK made the cornbread. Meanwhile, I realized that I had no Advil or Cough/Cold medicine for the girls, so I headed to HEB for some relief for the girls. The kids played and argued throughout the night, but mainly played and had fun. Olivia and Jillian were were so happy to see each other and would be inseparable for the rest of our time together. Jackson was attached to his favorite person, Sofia and followed her everywhere she went. So cute and she's so sweet and inclusive of him. We enjoyed the chili and corn bread and hung out until around 10pm when we put the kids to bed. Despite Olivia's epic nap, both girls were tired and ready to go to bed. Unfortunately, Jackson was not tired at all. So, it was a little bit noisy for a bit before all the kids finally went to bed.

Girls reading and Buddy relaxing in the backseat.

One of the adorable shops in Hico

Welcome to Hico!

The Koffee Kup!

My awesome burger! Yum!

Sofia reading....

The bridge to Kerrville

Olivia and her nap.

Playing board games with cousins

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Winter is BACK!!

When the girls woke up on December 1st, they discovered that Winter, their elf, had returned for a visit! Olivia was so excited and had to wake Sofia up so she could see that their favorite elf was back in the house! Sofia loves Winter too, but doesn't get nearly as excited as Olivia does. I love when Winter is back in the house because it means that Olivia will jump out of bed each morning to search for Winter. It's fantastic. She loves to be the first one to find Winter. Winter isn't as adventurous as she has been in years past, but she loves to hid in the living room and dining room and sometimes does silly things. The girls are particularly focused on not touching her yet love to write her notes and letters. Olivia even drew Winter a cute drawing. Sofia had Milani sleepover one night and Milani's elf, Rhinestone, hung out with Winter! The girls loved it! They wrote letters back and forth to Winter about Rhinestone for days! Of course, the girls then got the idea that maybe Winter would like a friend! Winter wrote them back that she would think it over and get back to them. The girls did find two new outfits for Winter, which she loved and thanked the girls for the great new clothes! We love Winter!

Winter is back!!

Olivia reading Winter's note.

A drawing for Winter from Olivia

Winter hanging out with Santa

Winter's new friend, Rhinestone!

Winter being silly.

Winter even made it to the lake!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Olivia's Field Trip

Today, Olivia and the rest of her 2nd grade friends took their first field trip of the school year to Casa MaƱana to watch the play The Night Before Christmas. I was picked as a chaperone and had five girls in my group: Olivia, Cora, Charley, Ashlyn and Blake. They were a great group of girls and stuck close to me as we tried to work our way into the theater and find our seats. The play was actually different than I expected and was about a young girl who writes a letter to Santa asking for her Dad to return from being overseas in the military for Christmas. Santa sends two of his elves to make sure she has a great Christmas Eve. The play included a lot of really sweet scenes and current songs that were changed into Christmas songs. It was very clever. The elves were super fun too and of course the Dad comes home on Christmas in the end. It was very sweet and touching! The kids all seemed to enjoy it and they did a great job of keeping it short and fun at the same time. I actually picked up some sort of virus starting Sunday, so I focused on not coughing during the performance.

The performance ended at noon and we stuck together in a group and found a place to sit in the lobby so the kids could enjoy their lunches. The girls were all "starving" since they normally eat lunch earlier. Thankfully Jacy, our amazing room mom, brought a bunch of blankets so the kids could sit on them and not just on the floor while they ate. We gave each of the kids their lunches and they started in. Of course, Cora and Olivia sat next to each other as they ate. I sat with them and enjoyed my ham and cheese sandwich. After all the kids were done eating, we made a quick trip to the bathroom and then all the kids loaded up on the bus to head back to Colleyville. It was such a fun show and the kids seemed to enjoy it. I'm thankful that I was chosen as one of the chaperones. So much fun!

My sweet group of girls!

Cora, Olivia and I in the theater, ready for the show to start.

Lunch buddies!

Mrs. Edelmon's sweet class!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Celebrating a MONTH Without the Thumb!

Well, it is official: We no longer have anyone who sucks their thumb in the house! It's been about a month since Olivia stopped sucking her thumb and she reminded me of my offer to take her, Hannah and Cora to Rainforest Cafe. So, I decided that we could go Sunday after the gingerbread party. So, once the gingerbread party ended at 5pm, we all loaded up and headed to Rainforest Cafe, after picking CK up! I was surprised he was willing to go! Sofia was also with us, since it's her favorite place too. It actually ended up being the perfect time to go to the Rainforest Cafe since the restaurant wasn't even half full! We got to our table and the girls were so excited to be there! Sofia took all three of the girls around the restaurant to look at all the animals, and probably gave them names too, knowing Sofia. Cora had never been before and she looked a bit overwhelmed but happy! I found it to be completely reasonable! Usually the restaurant is filled with screaming kids and total chaos and the food isn't that great either.

We ordered our food. The girls all ordered mac and cheese, fruit and waters. I actually got the coconut shrimp and coleslaw, which ended up being very good. CK ordered an omelette which he really enjoyed. So, the food was actually ver good this time too! While we ate, the balloon animal artist came around and offered to make balloon animals for the girls. Of course they said yes! Cora got a tiger, Hannah got a panther, Olivia asked for a giraffe (of course) and Sofia got an alligator! They were all great and really creative! After, the kids ran around to look at the animals again before we headed home.

We dropped Hannah at home and then delivered Cora to her house. Her mom had offered to give a huge giraffe stuffed animal to Olivia to thank us for taking Cora with us. Of course, Olivia was in LOVE from the beginning and it is so cute! She put it by her bed so it would be "the first thing she saw in the morning". It was such a fun trip to Rainforest Cafe and we are so proud of Olivia for quiting her thumb!

Looking at the Rainforest Cafe fish

Three best friends!


Balloon animals!

Olivia, Sofia and the new giraffe!

Gingerbread Party

Olivia's classmate invited her to his annual Gingerbread Party, which we've been to for the two previous years and it's honestly one of my favorite parties to attend. Shannon, Logan's amazing mom, has hosted a gingerbread house decorating party since Logan was 2 years old and always invites everyone from his current class. We've been in Logan's class every year so we've gone each year and it's really great. Originally Sofia didn't plan on going, but asked if she could go with us. I texted Shannon and asked if it was alright for Sofia to come with us, but just help out on a gingerbread house. Shannon said she's more than welcome and she would be welcome to have a house too, since there were a few late cancellations.

Sofia, Olivia and I arrived a few minutes late and the kids at the party were already busy working on their gingerbread houses. Luckily there was a spot available right next to Cora and across from Hannah! The perfect spot! Sofia headed into the living room and I figured she was busy reading, but I found her working very diligently on her own gingerbread house with a group of older kids. She was perfectly happy to be working away and was very particular about every detail of her house. She was very focused. Meanwhile, Olivia was busy adding frosting and a variety of candy all over her house. She wasn't particularly focused on where her candy ended up, and was having a great time. Olivia, Cora and Hannah all finished their houses at roughly the same time and headed upstairs to play with the other kids. Meanwhile, I hung out with Casey and Amanda.

The party was from 3-5pm, so just after 5pm I loaded up the girls, including Cora and Hannah to go to Rainforest Cafe for Olivia's "end of thumb sucking" celebration. It was such a fun party and I hope Olivia is in Logan's class again next year!

Olivia working on her house

Cora and Olivia with their houses

Adding frosting to the front of her house

Sofia and her work of art!

Love all these great houses!

Sofia's finished house! So beautiful!

Sofia and her house!

Olivia with her house

The girls with their finished houses! Love them!

Close-ups of the houses!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Farewell Santa Fe!

We got up and packed up early so we could walk to the Plaza Cafe for breakfast. It was a relatively warm and beautiful day which was perfect for a short hike. Olivia was less than impressed by our decision to walk instead of drive, but once we were underway she was happy to walk and talk with Sofia. We stopped a few times along the way to take pictures as we walked and I was thankful I'd left my jacket at the house. We made it to Plaza Cafe and we were all ready for some delicious breakfast. I splurged and ordered a Mexican Mocha, which is so delicious! We enjoyed our breakfast and our last meal together and took a few pictures in the Plaza before we headed back to Aunt and Uncle's place. We'd brought grifts for Thanksmas for Aunt and Uncle and wanted them to open them before we headed home. There were stockings for the girls too with a few things and Olivia was amazed that Santa, who she just met the night before, had left her some fun things! Santa gave the girls some socks, bouncy balls, books and magnets. It was fun to watch Aunt and Uncle open their gifts and we hope they liked all their new things. Once we were done doing Thanskmas, we loaded up our stuff and Buddy and headed to the airport. It was a good visit and we had a fun time, as always, in Santa Fe with Aunt and Uncle. We looked forward to getting home on Saturday and having a day to get ready for the week ahead too.

Uncle Steve and Olivia

Sofia and Olivia making up stories while they hike up the hill

The gang and snow in the background

Sofia and Uncle Steve. Love how much she enjoys hanging out with her Uncle!

So true!

Delicious breakfast at Plaza Cafe

The girls with Aunt and Uncle

The four of us!

Opening presents from Santa

A book about bugs!!

Socks! Sofia LOVES cool, fun socks!

Uncle Steve opening his new books.

Aunt Shirl opening her gifts

Checking out one of Uncle Steve's gifts.